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Cancer has literally become an epidemic affecting people of all ages.  And now, there are more and more alternative natural cancer clinics and centers, as well as cancer information websites available in the last decade offering promises of helping people with all types of cancer.  Recently individuals and organizations like The Truth About Cancer, Chris for Cancer, Cancer Tutor, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola and many others offer information on natural ways to treat cancer.

However, it is becoming more and more difficult to know who you can truly believe and trust.  The Budwig diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig has helped literally thousands of people all over the world with every type of cancer.  This is a “time tested” natural cancer protocol.  When a person has cancer there is no time to “experiment” with unproven therapies and remedies.   That is why we(Budwig Center Germany) want to make sure you get the original, accurate Budwig information and treatment program.

We must proceed with caution as many are just “self appointed” experts who do not have the proper formation nor the real “hands on clinical experience” of treating cancer.  Also, as there are so many clinics, centers and websites offering cancer cures, your head can start to spin with so much information, that you do not know were to start and who to trust.

Who Can You Trust?

Cancer Tutor

Cancer Tutor is an educational-based website that provides many links and articles that feature the correct Budwig diet and therapies. They are a non-profit organization, and their goal is to share as much information as possible about alternative, natural cancer therapies. Most of what they publish on their site is accurate. 

CAUTION: Dr. Budwig clearly warned not to consume any artificial vitamin or mineral supplement while doing her program. So caution should be exercised with regards to the information on this website regarding the Budwig-Cellect combination.

Additionally, Cancer Tutor recommends five different clinics that claim to use the “Budwig Protocol.” However, Dr. Budwig would not approve of any of them, because they use “artificial oxygen and multi-vitamin/mineral” remedies, which she said would nullify the benefits of the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. These clinics are not “Budwig Approved”: Hope4CancerBrookfield Health & Wellness, Conners Clinic, and Utopia Wellness.

Sandra Olson

Sandra Olson,M. Ed., is the owner of Budwig-Videos.com & moderator of the 14,000-member Yahoo Group, FlaxSeedOil2. Since 1990, she has been a dedicated researcher of anti-cancer healing plans and providing accurate information about the Budwig protocol based on the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig. We encourage you to CLICK HERE to read her trustworthy research.

Budwig Center in Spain

The Budwig Center in Spain, founded by Dr. Lloyd Jenkins a Canadian who visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in her clinic August 14, 2000.  Dr. Jenkins received a signed authorization from Dr. Budwig to continue her work, which he has been doing now since he legally registered the Budwig Center name in 2003.  The Budwig Center in Spain strictly adheres to the original protocol and does not use any artificial vitamin or mineral supplements or any therapies that would not be approved by Dr. Budwig herself.  Their success rate and high patient satisfaction rate is evident when you visit their web page and read a multitude of heart-warming testimonials. They have many positive comments from their patients and excellent ratings with TrustPilot.  Their clinic is approved by the Ministry of Health and has Naturopaths, doctors and other health care professionals on their team offering many effective alternative nontoxic and non-invasive anti cancer therapies.

Who You Should NOT Trust?

Sloan Kettering Institute

Sloan Kettering Instituteand the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Their goal like many medical institutes is to seed doubts about the incredibly successful Budwig protocol.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK,like most conventional medical oriented centers and webpages will always claim that the Budwig protocol has no scientific backing. This statement is untrue and misleading. There have been many clinical studies establishing the undeniable benefits in fighting cancer using the Budwig flaxseed approach.

3-E Center in Germany

3-E Center in Germany, (also call themselves the Budwig Center of Germany) owned by Lothar Hirneise and Mr. Klaus Pertl claim to be offering the original Budwig protocol, however they cannot be trusted for several reasons. Some of their former patients we have spoken to explained that their “Center” is nothing more than a retreat, with no doctors or qualified health care professionals. They simply offer the Budwig foods, walks in the forest, oil-pulling and PEMF sessions and claim they can “cure” cancer with this approach. Dr. Budwig approved of many more therapies and plant-based remedies than this and frankly you could just stay home and do the same thing and save yourself ten thousand euros. Another major reason for not being able to trust Lothar Hirneise and Klaus Pertl is that they have unethically and unprofessional called themselves the “Budwig Center” which is the exact same name as the official legally registered Budwig Center located in Spain. Unlike the Budwig Center in Spain, Lothar and Klaus do not have a signed authorization from Dr. Johanna Budwig to carry on her work. Their poor success rate and pitiful reputation is clearly evident from a lack of testimonials and very few positive comments from former patients, as well a no reviews on TrustPilot. It seems Lothar and Klaus are simply trying to get a free ride on the good reputation and success of the Budwig Center in Spain by “stealing” their name.

Non-Approved Budwig Clinics

Utopia Wellness Clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida. They provide the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese recipe, which is accurate, however, at the same time, they promote artificial oxygen and vitamin IVs, which Dr. Budwig warned not to give to cancer patients. Many other similar alternative natural clinics make the same mistake, so be careful.

Also, none of the following clinics are “Budwig Approved”: Hope4CancerBrookfield Health & Wellness, and Conners Clinic, as they do not fully endorse the Budwig protocol, and they mix and match other therapies, supplements, and remedies that will nullify the Budwig approach. 

In conclusion, we hope these comments will help you to be more cautious and wiser. Please be careful in whose hands you put your “life” or that of a loved one when searching for an effective alternative cancer program. Just because certain clinics and centers claim to be “Budwig” does not mean they are. If you are not sure please feel free to contact our panel of experts

Disclaimer: This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified, licensed professional. This site offers medical data and informs about alternative medical options. No one should consider that this site represents the “practice of medicine.” This site assumes no responsibility for how the material herein is used. Please note that this website is constantly updating its content and, therefore, some of the information may be dated. Also, be advised that the statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA nor the Ministry of Health of European countries.